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Welcome to our online specialist tea shop and the comforting world of tea. Since 2013, we’ve been carefully taste-testing the best flavoured, fruit and speciality teas to bring you some of the world’s finest blends that are naturally good for you. Available to buy now at our online tea shop.

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tea with milk
All About Tea with Milk
If you grew up in a British home, tea with milk might be the only reasonable way for you to drink tea. Both Chinese and Japanese people never drink their tea...
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Scenting tea with flowers
Scenting Tea with Flowers
Every now and then we all need a bit more beauty and pampering in life. For tea drinkers a good cup of tea is often a source of joy and relaxation. But, what...
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Brewing Tea - 5 Most Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
Brewing Tea – 5 Most Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
If you are just starting to explore loose leaf tea, brewing might seem very difficult. Indeed, there are dozens of different ways to prepare the perfect cup....
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Can Tea Reduce Stress?
Can tea reduce stress?
Up until a decade ago we weren’t allowed to blame stress for numerous health issues that didn’t have any obvious source. Mentioning stress was called overrea...
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