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Welcome to our online specialist tea shop and the comforting world of tea. Since 2013, we’ve been carefully taste-testing the best flavoured, fruit and speciality teas to bring you some of the world’s finest blends that are naturally good for you. Available to buy now at our online tea shop.

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Why you should always buy matcha from Japan
Why you should always buy matcha from Japan?
Over the last few years matcha has become one of the most-loved teas around the world. This traditional Japanese tea undoubtedly deserves a lot of attention....
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5 Best Summer Tea Ideas
5 Best Summer Tea Ideas
The summer has officially started and the upcoming hot days will be calling for some serious refreshment. Although drinking hot tea during the summer days ca...
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Kanuka Tea for Art
Kanuka Tea for Art
What happens when tea and art meet? What happens when artists start using tea in their works? Can tea act as a medium to appreciate things we forget exist? G...
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Win a High-Octane Experience with Kanuka Tea
Win A High-Octane Experience with Kanuka Tea
When luxury teas meet luxury cars, an unforgettable experience is guaranteed. Celebrate Father’s Day in a unique way and give your Father a chance for an 18...
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