Choosing the Best Gifts for Tea Drinkers

Date: 4 April, 2016 | Category:

Tea-drinking is about more than just the beverage. Beautiful tea accessories and authentic preparation tools can make that relaxing tea break just that bit more special. At Kanuka we see proper tea preparation as inseparable from the end result. Drinking tea is an experience, not just the consumption of a warm beverage.

With that in mind, we’ve picked the best gifts for tea drinkers: accessories which enhance the tea drinking experience.

Best gifts for tea drinkers: Matcha Set with Bowl Matcha Set

Matcha is the superfood of the moment, but all too frequently drinkers forget a vital part of Matcha drinking when they ignore the preparation ritual. A tea ritual forces you to slow down, rather than quickly drinking your tea-on-the-go. It designates tea-drinking as a time for mindful reflection and relaxation. It is a remedy to our increasingly high-paced lives. It also ensures that the best flavour of the tea is infused.

If you’re looking for the best gifts for tea drinkers, our Matcha Starter Set is an authentic collection of Japanese preparation tools for a Matcha tea ceremony. It includes a Bamboo whisk chasen with a holder, a bamboo spatula and a bowl for serving. The Matcha tea ceremony has a few simple steps. In following them, try to remain present with your senses rather than your mind chatter:

  1. Spoon out a small amount of the powder using the Bamboo spatula
  2. Add to cold water and whisk in an ‘M’ shape, ensuring the Matcha is fully dissolved and is not lumpy
  3. Heat water to 70°C and add to the paste
  4. Add instantly to the bowl and enjoy!

Tea Strainer

In embracing the loose leaf tea, as we hope you will, one essential accessory is a tea strainer. As we suggested in a previous post, there are many benefits to buying loose leaf tea. Loose tea leaves have more space to unfurl, allowing more of their flavour and nutritional benefits to infuse into the water. Without a tea strainer, bits of these leaves can end up in your cup which can create an unpleasant taste with certain varieties.

Our Silver Durable Tea Strainer is an elegant solution to this problem: brew your tea then pour it through the strainer for a clear and delightful beverage.

Teamaker Magic II

We understand that sometimes the intricacies of a tea ritual are not convenient. For those tea-drinkers who want to brew their favourite leaves without all the extra rigmarole, there is a perfect solution. The Teamaker Magic II is one of the best gifts for tea drinkers who want to enjoy loose leaf varieties in a hurry or where space is limited. It is perfect for use at home or in the office.

Tea infusion with this gift is incredibly simple: measure out the correct quantity of loose-leaves, pour water over and shut the lid. Allow the tea to infuse, then simply position the teamaker on your mug of choice and press the release button to fill the cup with a leaf-free, delicious tea. The tea will stop flowing from the teamaker the moment you move your cup from under it, so no mess is made.

These three accessories make the best gifts for tea drinkers. For more gift inspiration, visit our tea house or the tea accessories section of our online store.