What Tea Helps You Sleep?

Date: 30 March, 2016 | Category:

As our lives get increasingly stressful and insomnia figures rise, it is no surprise that we are often asked “what tea helps you sleep”? The difficulty with prescribing the best tea for sleep and anxiety is that the evidence which links certain teas to a better night’s sleep is often anecdotal.

Whilst there is some disagreement over the effect of individual herbs, however, the benefits of a warming caffeine-free herbal tea at night time are numerous:

  • When we sleep, our body temperature naturally drops, and it is thought that the greater the drop in temperature, the more likely we are to fall into a deep sleep. So raise your temperature before bed by combining a warm beverage with a hot bath for maximum sleep-inducing effect!
  • It is unwise to go to bed on a full stomach and bloating can often cause difficulty sleeping. A number of our teas are thought to aid digestion, so are perfect for consumption after dinner.
  • Making tea a part of your night time ritual can help prepare the body for sleep. Set a ‘switching-off’ time every evening when you settle down with your calming cup and try to avoid all electrical devices after this time, as the glow they cast can disrupt your circadian rhythms. Instead, try listening to some relaxing music or doing some light reading.To assist you in finding what tea helps you sleep, we’ve picked our favourite night time brews, all of which are believed to have sleep-inducing qualities:

Herbal Land of Nod Tea

Calming chamomile is many people’s night time tea of choice and for good reason: it is thought to have a calming effect on the body and the mind. But does chamomile tea really help you sleep? The science is still inconclusive but its historic sleep-inducing reputation has been linked to its high flavonoid content. It may give our digestive systems some assistance too, which is perfect for a post-dinner beverage. To make our especially soothing Land of Nod tea, we combined this wonder herb with sleepy Lavender, Lime Tree blossoms and Peppermint for a perfectly fresh and soothing night time blend.

Herbal Unwind Tea

Our blend of South African herbs is perfect for unwinding after a stressful day and we regularly recommend it to customers asking “what tea helps you sleep”? As well as sleep-inducing chamomile, our Herbal Unwind Tea contains Rooibos, which is used in South Africa for its calming properties. Rooibos is rich in anti-oxidants, so can help rejuvenate stressed bodies and minds for a deeper snooze. The tea also contains fennel which has found to be particularly effective in easing bloating. For an extra soothing cup, add milk or honey to the tea.

Greek Mountain Recovery Tea

Our Greek Mountain Recovery Tea is a wonderful night time drink, enjoyed throughout history for its apparent stress-relieving qualities and a great answer to the question of what tea helps you sleep. Hellenic shepherds are believed to be the first to have steeped the Ironwort herb, and we have continued this famous tradition. The tea has anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant qualities and is completely caffeine-free, so it is a perfect drink for restoring health after a tiring day.

We hope this will provide some guidance as to what tea helps you sleep. Make one of our soothing herbal teas a part of your night time ritual and you’ll be on your way to a restorative rest.