5 Best Summer Tea Ideas

5 Best Summer Tea Ideas
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The summer has officially started and the upcoming hot days will be calling for some serious refreshment. Although drinking hot tea during the summer days can actually help you cool down, not everyone is able to handle liquid heat. We made a list of 5 best summer tea ideas that will help you keep tea in your daily routine.

5 Best Summer Tea Ideas

Changing from lattes to frappes

If you love tea lattes, frappes might be the best summer option for a sweet creamy treat. Making a delicious frappe is very simple, and flavouring it with your favourite tea might get you a new addiction. All you need is some ice cubes, ice-cream, flavoured tea leaves, some milk and a bit of water. Make stronger tea using 2 heaped teaspoons of loose leaf and brew in 100 ml of hot water for 10 minutes. Strain and let it cool down. Put the infused tea, around 200 ml of milk, 2 scoops of vanilla ice-cream, some ice and a bit of sugar in your blender and blend.

Recommended tea: Naughty Collection

Cold brewing your favourite tea

Oolong, white and green teas are perfect for cold brewing. All you need is a pitcher and some leaves. Put 1-2 spoons of tea in a pitcher and fill it with about 1-1.5 litre of cold to lukewarm water. Let it brew in the fridge for at least 3 hours – the longer the better. You can leave it up to 24 hours and sip whenever you have an urge for a glass for refreshing cold tea.

Recommended tea: Elderberry White, Jade Oolong, Very Berry Sencha, Green Peach Blossom and Japanese Sencha

Sun brewing black tea

Darjeeling tea is the perfect option for the effortless sun brewing. If you ever wanted to bring tea camping, sun brewing is a must.  Add 1 heaped spoon of pure Darjeeling black tea leaves to a glass jug or jar and fill it with water. Leave it out on direct sunlight for a couple of hours. Strain and serve.

Recommended tea: Darjeeling, English Breakfast, Assam Golden Tips

Ice brewing gyokuro

Have you ever tried ice brewing before? Japanese gyokuro or sencha green teas brew very well with ice cubed. Gyokuro requires lower temperatures (even as low as 40 degrees Celsius) to develop a strong savory umami flavour. Unlike regular hot brewing, ice brewing will always result in sweet flavourful tea without any astringency. How to do it? Add 5 grams of gyokuro loose leaf tea into your teapot (choose a small teapot) and fill it with ice-cubes. Wait until the ice has completely melted.

5 Best Summer Tea Ideas

Recommended tea: Gyokuro Asahi, Japanese Sencha

Making a tea sorbet

Sorbets are a great way to add fun to any summer evening party. They are easy to make and always fun and tasty. Fruit infusions or matcha tea are perfect for adding fun and unique flavours to this icy summer indulgence. Make the syrup using your favourite flavour, mix it with any fruit puree, or use on its own.

Recommended tea: Japanese Matcha, Naughty Collection


Feel it’s too hot for a cup of regular tea? Try testing some of our 5 best summer tea ideas and let us know which one you enjoy the most. Do you have your own special way of drinking tea in summer?

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